Best LongBows in 2024

Best LongBows in 2024

In a world filled with modern ⁤technology⁣ and complex weaponry, sometimes it’s refreshing to⁣ go back to the basics. Longbows, with their elegant design and simplicity, ‍have been a ⁢staple in⁤ archery for centuries. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just starting⁤ out, a good longbow can make all the difference⁤ in your shooting experience. In this article, we will be counting down the 5 best longbows that are sure to enhance your‍ archery game in 2024.

Longbows have been a popular choice for archers for centuries due to their simplicity, ⁢elegance, and effectiveness. In 2024, several ‌outstanding ‍longbows on the market cater⁤ to different skill levels‍ and preferences. Whether you are a seasoned archer or⁣ just starting⁤ , finding the right longbow can make⁣ a significant difference in your shooting experience.

How We ‌Picked the Best LongBows

Our⁢ team⁣ of experts spent hours researching and ⁣testing out various LongBows to determine the top picks for 2024. We considered factors⁣ such as accuracy, durability, ease of use, and value for money to ensure that we provide you‌ with the most comprehensive list ‌of the ⁣best LongBows on the market.

After careful consideration, we have narrowed down our selection⁤ to the top 5 LongBows that⁤ stood out amongst the rest. These LongBows not only deliver exceptional performance but also offer great value for your investment. Whether ‌you are‍ a seasoned archer or a beginner looking to try out this timeless sport, there​ is definitely a LongBow on our list that will suit your needs.

Each of the ⁤LongBows ⁢on our list has been rigorously tested in various conditions to ensure that they meet our high standards. ⁤From traditional LongBows to more modern designs, we have included a diverse range of options ‍to cater to different preferences and skill levels. Whether you prefer a classic wooden LongBow or a more advanced compound LongBow, you are sure to find a top-quality option on our list.

In addition to performance and durability, we also ⁤considered ⁢the overall design and aesthetics of each LongBow. We understand that looks matter just⁤ as much as functionality, which is why we have selected ⁢LongBows that not only perform well but also ⁤look great. Whether⁣ you prefer a sleek ​and modern design or a more traditional look, our list⁢ has something for⁣ everyone.

To make⁢ it easier ​for you to compare the different LongBows on our list, we have included a detailed breakdown of⁤ each option, highlighting their key features, pros, and cons. ⁣This will help you make an informed decision based on your ‌individual preferences and requirements. From draw weight and length to overall dimensions, we have provided all the essential information you⁣ need to know before making a purchase.

In conclusion, our list of the‌ best LongBows in 2024 is a result of extensive research and testing to ensure that we provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Whether ‍you are looking for a reliable LongBow for hunting, target practice, or simply ‌enjoy the sport of archery, you can trust that our⁢ recommendations will help you find the perfect LongBow for​ your needs.

Top 5 ‍Longbows for 2024

1. Sanlida Archery 68” Royal X8 Longbow

Sanlida Archery 68” Royal X8 Longbow Traditional Wooden Hunting Bow Handmade Hunting Bow and Arrows kit for Adults & Traditional Archers, RH Only



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H70 x 4 x 2 inches
Package Weight1.7 Kilograms
Brand Namesanlida
Warranty DescriptionLimited Life-time Warranty
Model NameRoyal X8
Suggested Usersunisex-adult
ManufacturerSanlida Archery
Included ComponentsBow string x1, Arrow rest x1, Longbow x1, Carbon arrow x6, User’s manual x1, Bow bag x1, String damper x2, Arm guard x1, Finger glove x1, Stringer x1
Hand OrientationRight Hand

User reviews

awesome deal, great bow. I have many bows, long, recurve and compound and have been into archery for many years. This bow package is and awesome deal. Fit and finish are great, this is the first traditional bow I have ever purchased where the bow string was a good one. (Flemish twist) Most of the time I toss what came and build one. Accessories are pretty good, glove works ok for someone with smaller hands; too small for me though. Armguard is decent but I don't use them. String silencers ( fluffy fur) work well. Bow has quite a 'twang' to it with out them on. It comes with a bow stringer also. Bow kit comes with 6 carbon arrows of 30.25 length, feather fletching and 100gn bullet style field point and pin style nocks. Now the important stuff. Brace height set at 6'. Pull was spot on at 40# at 28", however my draw length is 31". Thus my draw weight came in at 45#. I have shot 200 arrows across it so far. Chrono test is as follows: Cedar shaft of 505 gn total wt at 150 fps 125gn tip Carbon shaft of 435gn total wt at 158fps 100rg tip Carbon shaft of 404gn total wt at 162 fps 100 gn tip Alum shaft of 549 gn total wt at 149 fps 100 gn tip Carbon shaft of 563 gn total wt at 144 fps 100 grn tip ( supplied with the bow) Over all I am very pleased with this bow. It shoots very well and would be a good one for someone just getting into archery or for archery clubs. Of my 5 longbows, I like this one the best. Arrow speeds are pretty close to the others I own. There is no hand shock and the draw experience is smooth. It does have a distinctive 'swoosh' sound when the string is released. I doubt I would use it for hunting, I think this is more of a target bow. Supplied arrows are pretty good, but leaning a bit on the heavy side at 14gpp at 28" on a 40# bow. With my draw length it sets about 12gpp. I do shoot heavier arrows when hunting, but for target shooting 8-10gpp would be better I think
Well worth the price. This bows quality well exceeds its cost. Shoots very well and comes with a Flemish twist string. Also comes with a decent case with accessories. Buy it before price goes up.
Good value. I usually shoot a sweet 68” 43# Osage longbow in primitive bow 3d competitions. I saw favorable reviews of the Sanlida Royal X8 longbow and it looked like it would be a nice comparable stand-in to take the wear and tear off my wood “stick” bow for everyday practice, and who doesn’t want another bow?. I bought a 45# X8 bow and although I have only shot it one short session, about 30 shots, I think it will excel in that roll. My draw weight scale, or weighing technique, may not be the most accurate but I get an average very close to the 45# specification. The included accoutrements seem nice, the arrows and case are good, string is excellent, did not try the arm guard and probably won’t (don’t use one), and didn’t try the silencers or stringer. I did try the glove but I have only used a tab so didn’t really like the glove. No fault of the glove, it fit fine but it is not for me.Bow had a few rub spots on the fiberglass limbs affecting the finish, but they do not hurt the bow’s performance or my feelings. The grooves in the end of the bow made it hard to get a consistent fit of the new string but once fitted and in use they seem fine. The string did take quite a bit of twist to achieve my preferred brace height, even though I used a relatively short 6 1/2” height (same as my wood bows).To sum, my initial impressions of the bow are very favorable and particularly the overall value. I am very, very pleased at the way this laminated, modern construction bow so closely mimics my similar draw weight solid wood bow. I expect to get a lot of use out of this bow and much more than my moneys worth!
I really wanted to love this bow. As an Archer of 40 years with 27 years in Olympic Archery, I was very excited to try out this bow. After seeing so many reviews that were positive including from popular Youtubers like Armin Hirmer I decided to give it a go.The whole package deal is really good. I love the case and all the included equipment. It came with arrows, a decent glove and even a high quality D97 flemished string. Unfortunately for a Hill style flatbow the hand shock was just way too much for me. For a 40 lbs bow it was also incredibly slow.What also surprised me was how badly it stacked when I went passed 28". I have a 31" draw and it hits it's wall way too early for a 68" bow. It feels that the mid part of the limbs just aren't getting enough action and most of the work is done much higher up in the limb.What made me return the bow was I noticed a blemish between the riser wood and the first layer of the laminate. It seems to grow and signaled to me that this bow will have a catastrophic failure. The seam along that laminate ran deep and showed signs that it was not glued all the way and would break in due time. Sometimes this happens even with expensive bows, so I now that this should not be a factor for all of them.Overall if your just getting into archery, this kit should get you going nicely and get you into this sport well. For advanced shooters, I'm not sure it will be up to par but I think that it was very close to competing with bows above it's price point. This was very close to becoming apart of my collection but I have had bows delaminate before and it's not fun.
The price. Great product for the price

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Looking to level up ‌your ‍archery game in 2024? This top-of-the-line longbow is sure to impress even the ​most seasoned archers​ with its ⁤superior quality and performance.

Featuring a sleek design and durable construction, the is built to last. Whether you’re a beginner ⁢just⁣ starting out or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade​ your ⁣equipment,​ this longbow is sure to meet your needs.

One of the standout features of the is ​its smooth draw and impressive accuracy. With this longbow in hand, you’ll be hitting bullseyes in no time.

Perfect for hunting or ‍target practice, the ⁢ offers versatility and reliability in one stylish package. Don’t settle ‌for subpar equipment – invest in the best and watch ‌your archery skills soar to new heights with this top-of-the-line longbow.

So why wait? Make the your go-to choice for archery in 2024 and experience the⁢ difference for yourself. Whether you’re a casual archer or a serious⁢ competitor, ‍this longbow is sure to impress.


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Smooth draw
  • Beautiful craftsmanship


  • Higher price ⁣point
  • May ⁢require more maintenance

2. ⁣SAS Pioneer 68″ Longbow Traditional Wood ⁣LongBow

SAS Pioneer 68" Longbow Traditional Wood Long Bow - Both Right Hand and Left Hand - Archery Target Hunting



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H70 x 4 x 2 inches
Package Weight0.91 Kilograms
Item Weight1.6 Pounds
Brand NameSouthland Archery Supply
Warranty DescriptionOne Year Manufacture Warranty
Model NamePioneer
MaterialMakore Wood and Cassia Siamea
Suggested Usersunisex-adult
Number of Items1
ManufacturerSouthland Archery Supply
Included ComponentsHair Arrow Rest, Longbow
Size35 pounds
Sport TypeArchery
Skill LevelIntermediate
Hand OrientationLeft Hand

User reviews

Awesome bow, not traditional LB shape, But good bow. BOTTOM LINE: THIS BOW SHOOTS WONDERFULLY. If you want a traditional D shaped long bow. This ain’t it. If you want a good shooting longbow for a good price, this is it.OK OK OK OK . This is my review of the SAS Pioneer Long Bow 45 LBS. First, I went to Cabela and shot a 45 LB Frontier long bow and a 55 lb Bear Montana. (two ends of the cost spectrum for production bows) So those are my only long bows as a benchmark to judge the 45 lb SAS pioneer I bought on line at shooting the two at Cabalas (bear and fronteersman), I noticed the bear was more of a long bow traditional shape with a narrower but thicker riser, (and it had more hand shock compared to the frontier albeit 45 vs 55 pound bear). I shoot a 50LB Bear recurve and found the 55 LB Montana easier to draw. The frontier was wider and thinner like as if it was a recurve bow that had only a slight decurve-recurve. The Pioneer I bought was almost a replica of the Frontier as far as limb thickness and shape. It is less wide and slightly thicker than the recurve limbs of my grizzly. But imagine a bear grizzle w/o the recurve and more taper in width to the end. That is the frontier and the SAS Pioneer, a slightly de-flex/reflex bow.Having shot the pioneer and frontiersman both in 45#, 6 is one half a dozen it the other. Get which is the best deal.So if you want a traditional / historical correct longbow, pass this by. It doesn’t have the “D” shaped limbs.However if you want a good shooting “Longbow” this is it, so is the frontier. I have been shooting a 50 LB bear Grizzly for 35 years and a 35 lb samick sage for a couple years.(back surgery). This 45 # pioneer shoots consistent and good. 10 to 22 yards trajectory like a line drive (450 grain total weight arrows w/feathers). Small twang but I haven’t added any silencers 7.5 inch brace height.Only downside is the PLEATHER wrap of the grip. I removed it. It was slack and I did much better w/o it on the grip. The bow slid around it when I released. It was not glued to the riser as the bow rotated counterclockwise when I shot. Sent my arrows to the left. (Right hand shooter).The nocks are well made, smooth, and require no sanding like reviews of the OMP Ozark hunter comment on that bows reviews. BOTTOM LINE: THIS BOW SHOOTS WONDERFULLY. If you want a traditional D shaped long bow. This ain’t it. If you want a good shooting longbow for a good price this is it. I think the Cabela’s frontier is equivalent having shot both in 45 #. Get the best price.Now I have had my Bear grizzly recurve for 35 years (50#). I got it at a yard sale for $20 in 1983. (best bow in the free world). So I really wanted a Bear product. But when I shot the frontiersman and the Montana. I was more accurate with the frontiersman. The bear Montana is more of a traditional longbow riser shape. But it is 2x the price. Will the SAS last me 35 years like my Bear Grizzly? I’m 53, it doesn’t have to.
Great product, and still satisfied after several months of shooting. I rated this 5 stars because it is great quality for the price. Was a little leary buying a bow on Amazon, but I am very happy with the purchase. Bought a 45# bow (probably draws closer to 50# at my draw length). Previously I had been shooting my dad's 35# Browning fiberglass/laminate recurve, for decades, but I wanted to upgrade to something I might be able to hunt with. I was surprised how accurately I was able to shoot the bow right out of the box, using arrows that were spined for the recurve. Compared to my recurve, this bow has a little more hand shock, but it is more accurate, a tad bit more quiet, and has less finger pinch, like I was hoping for.****Update: It's been a few months since buying the bow and writing the original review and I am still loving it! Definitely satisfied with the purchase! Changed the original endless loop string to a Flemish fast-flight, put beaver balls on it, and tuned it nicely with wooden arrows from 3 rivers. Man it is quiet and shoots great!! The leather grip does move ever so slightly when you first pick it up, but I have not had any issues with it affecting my shot. I plan to hunt with the bow this deer season...which brings me to one minor criticism. I wish it didn't have the big white "pioneer" emblazoned on the back of the top limb. I fear it could flash game, especially when taking a shot. I knew this about the bow before purchasing though, but decided I could live with that for the price. It's also quite long, which is not ideal for hunting, but again I knew that before buying.
Nice bow, accurate. Accurate, quiet, low hand shock. Great bow for $189.00 Will see how it holds up but appears built well. I like the leather grip and it does not slip like some reviews stated. It is adjustable if it ever did need tightened.
No string included. Looks absolutely great. Hopefully will also shoot great... but without a bow string it's kinda hard to tell.Really with the description or information mentioned that no string was included, as I would have made sure to order one as well.There are some finishing issues on the string grooves, but overall it seems fairly well made for it's price.Comes with an arrow rest strip of some sort of fur, which I was not expecting.Has a nice looking leather hand grip, but it isn't made to fit as one would expect. Unfortunately, the leather handle either degraded and bound it's coating onto the bow, or some sort of tape or glue was applied to it prior to the leather, which is very painful to remove even with mineral spirit.Will update with some notes on how it shoots once I have a string to test it with.
Nice bow. I like everything about this bow, also added flemmish string with silencers. Quality bow. Also like leather handle.
Smoothe. I've shot a variety of department store recurve and longbow. This bow is a phenomenal value at its price point. Way better than the off the shelf Bear at cabelas for 500 bucks. I can't put it down. I did upgrade the string so I'm not sure how the included string is but the bow is great. 6 stars if they had it.
MAJOR disappointment. Where to start? First of all, there is a HUGE WHITE logo on the upper limb. That alone is a deal breaker! I guess they don't show that in pictures because they know no one would want it. Secondly, it is NOT center cut, as they claim! Worst of all, the bow is covered end to end with what looks like overspray from a can of white spray paint that will not even scratch off! Without a doubt this is the worst excuse for a bow I have ever seen! I could find a better bow for $20 anywhere! I'm not even going to waste my time stringing this up!
I was an avid longbow shooter over a decade ago and had to stop after a shoulder injury prevented me from pulling my bows. I am now getting back into traditional archery and starting out again, I wasn't able to comfortably draw any of my heavier longbows. I need to start out with a lighter bow since I'm much older and I don't have the strength that I use to have. I ordered this bow with a draw weight of 35 pounds and can comfortably draw it. It is well made, smooth shooting, and the price was right. For a new shooter to traditional archery, I can easily recommend this bow. Start light and work your way up if you want to shoot heavier bows or, just stick with a light bow and develop a consistent shooting style. This bow won't let you down.
no problems. works perfect shooting.
Je suis vraiment satisfait, je voulais un arc traditionnel pour m'amuser à tirer d'instinct avec des flèches en bois en toute simplicité.

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The SAS⁢ Pioneer ⁢68 Longbow is a masterpiece of traditional archery craftsmanship.⁤ Handcrafted from high-quality wood, this longbow embodies the spirit of the ancient warriors who used this weapon for hunting and battle. Its elegant design​ and smooth draw make it ‌a favorite among ⁤archers looking for a classic and reliable bow.

When it comes to performance, the⁢ SAS ⁤Pioneer 68 Longbow does not disappoint. ⁣With a ⁢draw weight of 40-60 pounds, this bow packs enough power to take down‍ even the largest game. Its long shape⁤ and ‌sturdy construction make it easy to handle and accurate to shoot, giving archers ‌the confidence they need to hit their target every time.

One of the standout features of ​the SAS Pioneer ‌68 Longbow is its beautiful finish. Each bow is meticulously hand-finished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, making it ‌a true work of art. Whether you’re hunting ​in the wild or competing in a traditional archery competition, this bow will turn heads and make a statement.

If you’re looking‌ for a top-of-the-line longbow that combines performance, precision, and elegance, the SAS Pioneer 68 Longbow is the perfect choice. With⁣ its timeless design and unbeatable craftsmanship, this bow is sure to become a treasured piece in your collection for years to come.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one of ​the best longbows on the market. Experience the power and beauty of the SAS Pioneer 68 Longbow for⁣ yourself and elevate ⁣your archery ⁣game to new heights.


  • Durable construction
  • Great value⁤ for money
  • Comfortable grip


  • Heavier than some other models
  • String may need frequent adjusting

3. Black Hunter Takedown Longbow, ⁢GLURAK 60″ Wooden Archery Bow Hunting Bow

Black Hunter Takedown Longbow, GLURAK 60" Wooden Archery Bow Hunting Bow - Right Hand Bow for Beginner Training Practice, 25-60lb



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H27 x 6 x 2.25 inches
Package Weight1.13 Kilograms
Brand NameGLURAK
ColorBrown, White, Black, Grey
Materialbamboo, Wood, Fiberglass
Hand OrientationRight Hand

User reviews

Unbelieveable Value. This bow is an excellent way to delve into traditional archery. The longbow is good quality, has a decent finish and shoots very well. It is surprisingly accurate and handles great. Like any new bow, it does require some tuning, but that is to be expected. The addition of cat whiskers on the string made a tremendous difference and the bow became almost unbelievably quiet! While the string on my bow was okay, one should expect to upgrade the stock string at some point and keep it as a backup. Overall, this bow is a top shelf value for a beginner to intermediate archer.
Solid bow, I found no defects. Smooth shooter. coming from the barebow world I have to figure out how to aim it but I got this just for fun. Fairly true to specs although it does pull a little stronger than what was listed, 35# limbs pull 37.5 at 28". Incredibly light and just 60" with less stacking than I have felt with 28 lb limbs on a 68" bow. I have shot about 30 arrows on the included string. Arrow rest material is pretty basic. String is OK. You will have to attach your own nocking points. Nice buy. The Chinese are making some quality products. Love the diamondwood concept. Very strong and incredibly light. Pure fun. I am using really cheap Victory Decimator 500 spine arrows with 140 grain pts and 3 inch feathers. Shoots better than I do. Applied a couple of discounts and ended up buying this for under $70. Unreal.
I'm now interested in archery. First time for me using a bow. I got 40lbs but mainly because I wanted a back workout than actual interest in the sport.Honestly you can tell it shoots well, there's no building instructions but did a small Google search and it says the limb with bold writing is apparently the bottom limb.After about 50 shots, I ended up enjoying every bit of it. If this one were to break later on, I'd still get another one.Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to give archery a try. Needless to say, this bow is not a toy, be careful with it
Good starter bow. For $97, it is a very good deal. ...if you have a garage. I do, and I expected some issues, which I am working on. The riser bolts are 13 mm shorter than the riser insert, so I bought some longer bolts. Then I thought better of it, and cut the bolt heads off, and drilled / tapped some knurled solid brass Hob. Lob. drawer pulls ( housewares 50% off this week) and made it a manual takedown. Honestly I would have done it anyway. BTW, the bolts are M8 by 1.25 and NO, Sam Sage bolts don't fit. For a beginner learning to keep the arrow on the shelf, good luck. The shelf slopes downward, and there is a long slant downwards away from the riser. I'll be doing surgery on it. Be careful when you string, that your string is seated, it likes to slide The good.....beautiful limbs, very good fit and finish. Beautiful bow. I bought 30 lb limbs. It is 30.27 lbs ( average of 10 measures at 7 1/2" brace height). Fast shipping. I will be ordering more limbs , once I finish the riser.
Cracked riser. I love the bow and how it shoots. However, the first one I received had a crack in the riser. Returning that one now. Ordered 40# and 45# limbs that were that weight at 26” not 28”. I’ve ordered 25# limbs to practice with, hopefully they are 25# at 26”. Update: after shooting the 40# limbs about 50 times, they are now closer to 35# at 26”, which is what I expected. So I guess they needed some “shooting in.”
Quality at a fair price. I’m 70 wanting to get into archery again. It’s a quality bow that shoots very well. It’s has a 25 pound pull but for my purposes it’s great. Of course one can purchase it in greater pounds of draw.
Failed. This was my favorite bow for few months that it lasted. The limb failed while i was doing target practice and pretty much ended up punching myself in the face.I am disappointed because this was an attractive, accurate and comfortable bow to shoot, now i have questions about its longterm quality.
Outstanding, no-frills bow. I bought this bow after watching hours of reviews for something under $200 to start out with. Kramer Ammons has two fantastic youtube breakdowns on this bow (one for the recurve and one for the longbow), and I'm extremely satisfied with the purchase. (I went with the longbow.) I've shot nearly 3,000 arrows with it now, and plan to buy a fancier bow string once the basic one that it comes with wears out, but have absolutely no complaints, especially for the price. As I practice each day, my shots get more and more accurate, and I have no doubt whatsoever that my own technique and skills are the only impediment to perfection. It's relatively lightweight and quiet, though I also added a homemade wool string silencer, mostly just for fun, as I'm just using it for target practice anyway. I'm an average-height dude with average arm strength (presumably, I'm not a powerlifter or anything) and started out with the 35lb model. I'm planning to buy another 25lb bow for my wife and daughter to start out with, and if they take to the sport like I have, it will be very easy to buy another set or two of risers if they want more power thanks to the interchangeable format. All-in-all, it's absolutely delivered on the hype, at nearly half the price I thought I might have to pay to get started. 5 stars all the way.

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The‌ Black Hunter​ Takedown‍ Longbow, GLURAK 60 is a top choice for archery enthusiasts looking for a‌ quality hunting bow. Its sleek design and durable construction make‍ it a reliable weapon for any hunting situation.

One of the key features of this longbow is its impressive 60-inch length, ​providing users with a long draw length for improved ​accuracy and power. The ​bow is made from high-quality wooden materials, ensuring durability and strength during use.

Whether you are a seasoned archer or a beginner, ​the Black Hunter Takedown Longbow is easy to handle and offers a smooth draw every time. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry on long​ hunting trips, while its compact size allows for easy⁣ storage ⁤and transport.

With ⁢a​ draw weight ranging from 30 to 60 pounds, this versatile longbow can be adjusted to suit your specific hunting needs. The bow also comes equipped with a comfortable grip for added control and​ stability during use.

Overall, the Black Hunter Takedown Longbow, GLURAK ⁣60 is a reliable and affordable option for anyone in the market for​ a quality hunting bow. Its sleek design, durable construction, and adjustable draw weight make it⁣ a top choice for archers of all skill levels.


  • Easy takedown design
  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Adjustable draw weight


  • May ‍require‌ additional accessories
  • String quality could be better

4. Deerseeker Archery 54″ Traditional Bow Hunting Longbow

Deerseeker Archery 54" Traditional Bow Hunting Longbow with Bamboo Core Limbs Handmade Recurve Bow RH/LH for Targeting Practice Shooting Youth & Adults Bow Set 20-80lbs



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H56 x 4 x 2 inches
Package Weight0.75 Kilograms
Item Weight0.45 Kilograms
Brand NameDeerseeker Outdoor
Warranty DescriptionTwo-year
Model NameRaptor Longbow
Suggested Usersunisex-adult
Sport TypeHunting
Hand OrientationLeft Hand

User reviews

Ok Hear me out...Its a steal. Just purchased the 70 lb LH. Finish is nice and looks beautiful. Ditch the string and get a Flemish Twist D97. Add silencers to the string and have fun.Shoots like a dream. Not for draws above 28 inches. No vibration (with Silencers) I'm 26in and and she draws 56 lbs at my fingertips. She draws 70lb @ 28... so right on. Compact and limbs draw evenly. Handle is nice for me. I like this little bitch and plan to shoot the heck out of it Target and hunting. For $120.00, you cannot beat this if you are shorter then 5' 8".
Inexpensive but feels expensive. I didn’t expect as much bow as I got at this price range, and so I was pleasantly surprised. The bow is well put together and feels like a much more expensive bow. I added string silencers even though they weren’t really needed much, and bought some carbon-fiber arrows to test the bow, and it really impressed me. It shoots beautifully, smooth and accurate. Some people have said that dome bows arrive underpowered, and I can confirm but not by noticeably much. I ordered a 40lb pull and received a 38lb pull bow, so the 2lb difference is so minimal I don’t even notice. At some point I’ll buy another one, but in a much higher pull weight, I like it that much.In short, I recommend it.
Straight as an arrow. My wife wanted a bow and arrow set after trying to shoot arrows at a resort we visited. I got her the Deerseeker Archery 54" Traditional Bow Hunting Longbow so she could hunt small animals and strengthen her arms.She hasn't touched it. But, I did. I took it out in the yard to test it out and it is pretty nice. It's got a good balance to it, and is fun to test your skills. Good for a first time bowman, such as myself or my wife. I got tired of missing the target I set up in the yard and sent one arrow flying nearly straight up. I was amazed at the height it achieved. I was equally amazed that I didn't find the arrow until the following year, although I searched for it diligently. Good times.
Deer seeker. I am completely astonished by this little cheat. Bow shoots, absolutely amazing. Unlike some of the other reviews I have read this particular one came in at the right poundage. It’s flinging arrows like darts very fast and very accurate highly recommend and looking forward to filling the freezer with it this coming hunting season
Outstanding value. My first one was marked 35# but measured 30#. It would have been no problem to return but it turned out to be unnecessary as someone at our club decided he had to have it, so I sold it on the same day that I received it. I ordered a replacement in 40# and got it a day or two later. It measured 40# on the money! I have used it a few times at the range and have found it to be a very good shooter and looks great! It came with a glove, stringer, string wax, and arm guard. I gave that stuff away because I already had that stuff. It's nice to have it included if you don't already have it. It's a very light one-piece longbow so it has some hand shock but, a lot less than a SAS Pioneer I recently tried out. A couple of string silencers and some limb dampeners will probably eliminate what little shock it has. It would be hard to beat for under $130!
no words needed just buy it and you will see. for the price this is a perfect beginner that can be held at higher standards.
Lower your expectations. Much weaker than expected. Flimsy and very light. Booklet included was a joke with hard to follow information. The added items were cheap and hardly worth it. No arrows included. It was purchased for fun and so far it has not been.
Unhappy. It was 42#
Very good bow for the price,great for a beginner.
Arrived with right poundage (bought a 30 pounds). Good quality material, nice color, silent and seems reliable shooting. Definitely recommended. I’ve been shooting with long bow for 5 years
Overall decent, ordered #60, at my 30" draw it measures 49.9 on one scale and 49.7 on the other, if it was the proper weight at draw it would be a 4* mistakes happen I'm assuming this one was labled/packaged incorrectly.

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The⁣ is a top contender in the world of traditional bow hunting. Its sleek design and durable construction make it a favorite among serious‌ archers looking for a reliable and accurate longbow.

With a 54-inch length, this longbow is perfect for hunters⁣ who prefer a shorter, more manageable bow that still packs a powerful punch. The lightweight design makes⁤ it easy to carry through the woods, while the sturdy build ensures long-lasting performance in the field.

Featuring a recurve design, the Deerseeker Archery longbow delivers smooth and consistent shooting, ​making it a ⁤great choice⁤ for both experienced bow hunters⁤ and beginners alike. The handcrafted details and fine craftsmanship of this bow set it apart from the competition.

Equipped with a comfortable grip and easy-to-use ⁣draw weight adjustments, the Deerseeker Archery longbow is perfect for hunters of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned⁢ pro or just starting out, this reliable longbow will help ‍you ‍improve your accuracy and overall hunting ⁢experience.

When ⁢it⁤ comes to ⁤choosing the‌ best longbow for your hunting adventures, the should definitely be ​at the top of your list. Its ⁤combination of quality construction, precision ​shooting‌ performance, and user-friendly‍ design make it a standout choice in the world⁣ of ​traditional‌ bow hunting.


  • Compact size for ‍easy maneuverability
  • Highly durable construction
  • Great for close-range ⁤shooting


  • Limited draw weight options
  • Not ideal for ⁢longer ​distances

5. Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow

Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Archery 20-110LBS H1



Model Nameone bow
MaterialWood, Cow Leather, Glass steel ,Beech
Item Weight2.75 Pounds
Hand OrientationLeft Hand, Right Hand
Archery Draw Weight110 Pounds
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H58.5 x 7.5 x 2 inches
Package Weight1.25 Kilograms
Brand Namelongbowmaker
Country of OriginChina
Part NumberH130

User reviews

Great Value Starter Bow for Traditional Archery. PRODUCTS: Custom 70# and a 50# versions of the Longbowmaker Hungarian longbow from Archery MaxHISTORY: Just getting started in archery, had some fun with an old compound and a modern recurve and wanted to try more traditional style archery. The 70# versions shoots wonderfully but is a bit much to handle. I liked it so much I purchased the 50# to build form, accuracy and repeatabilitySETUP: Setup is important. Im shooting 3 under with a nock ring. You have to set that ring high, perhaps 12mm higher than level to shoot off your hand properly. Start high and work your way down to find the ideal point. Arrows are critical also. I have some 500 spine carbons that do not work with either bow. 300 spine with 150gr heads are lazer beams with proper form. Dont forget to wax your string at all the contact points as the wood syahs will eat up the serving quickly otherwise. Twist that string too though its hard to eliminate all the wrist slapSHOOTING: Draw feels smooth and linear, doesnt stack like my recurve. With proper form this bow can be amazingly accurate. Took a couple hundred shots to figure out my form and anchor and now I dont want to shoot anything elseUSAGE: 300 shots thru the 70#, 1500 shots thru the 50# shooting about 100 arrows a day. Shooting 5, 10 and 20 m.DURABILITY: 70# still looks like new. String in perfect condition. 50# starting to get wear spots on the arrow rest and the serving on one of the end loops has frayed and worn where it contacts the syahs, but is an easy fix. I dont know how long the string is supposed to last but I have no complaints with 1500 shots thru it. Leather and string wraps still in place and look great. Both bows are durable will last a long timeSUMMARY: THese bows look cool, shoot great and are an inexpensive gateway into traditional archery. I highly recommend them for beginners or experienced archers looking for something different. Be prepared to put time in on your form and this bow will deliver excellent results
Fantastic for Traditional Archery! Thumb draw, khatra, and instinctual shooting. The media could not be loaded.  This bow is one of my favorites to shoot. It draws to about 31” but stacks weight after 28”. I’d recommend carbon arrows with feathers (feathers compress unlike plastic and rubber fletchings meaning the riser won’t interfere as much with the flight path). Because there’s no arrow rests on a horse bow, you’ll want to learn a khatra (twisting the bow to move it out of the arrows path). 25-35lb draw weight is perfect for beginners. INVEST IN A THUMB RING, it’s so worth while for long shooting sessions. Like other reviews mention, the suede rubs off even with feather arrows and your khatra so I bought some cheap rayskin scraps to replace it. It shoots around 50 yards with decent accuracy. Can go up to 70-80 yards with a high draw though.Pros:-hungarian bows are probably the most forgiving of horse bows-shoots really fast (especially with light arrows)-great to practice thumb draw, khatra, and instinctual aiming-cheap in price but great quality and fiberglass construction-an absolute joy to shootCons:-limbs aren’t as wide as mongol bows (but it doesn’t affect much)-it’s a bit longer (52 inches when strung) than other styles of horse bows such as tatar or turkish bows-suede arrow pass wears somewhat fast-short siyahs (less speed than mongol how’s but incredibly forgiving)-bowstring is a bit thick so I’d recommend a Legend 54” AMO (actual length 50”) bowstringRecommendations:-replace the bowstring (use the one they give you until it wears though)-replacing the suede arrow pass with rayskin-use feather arrows (500 spine for 40lbs or less) to prevent obstruction of arrow path-watch Armin Hirmir videos on traditional shootingOverview:Get this bow! It’s cheap, fast, and fun for traditional shooting. It is a bit long for a horse bow (tatar and turkish bows are shorter) but certainly usable on horse back. The construction is great minus the suede arrow pass but that barely affects much. Is it as accurate as a compound bow? No. Is it as fast as easy as a recurve? No. But for a fraction of the cost, it’s a great traditional bow. I’d highly recommend buying it!
High quality craftsmanship. The bow arrived well packaged and I damaged with a guide , bowstring and transport bag. The bow is high quality wood with leather and twine accents which are comfortable to the touch and beautiful. The bow shoots great(50lb model) and is much more powerful than my previous recurve. Overall 10/10 for the price and quality !

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s are⁣ renowned‍ for their exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled performance. Crafted with precision and care, these longbows ‍are a testament ⁤to ⁢the ancient art of archery that has been passed down through generations.

When it comes to the best longbows in 2024, the stands out for its ⁤superior quality and‌ performance. Here are some of the key features that‍ make this longbow a top choice for archers:

  • Handcrafted by⁤ skilled artisans using traditional methods
  • Made from high-quality materials such as wood, horn, and sinew
  • Designed for smooth draw and excellent accuracy
  • Perfect for both beginners⁣ and experienced archers
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and draw weights to suit individual preferences

Whether you are a seasoned archer looking to upgrade your equipment or a ⁢novice seeking a reliable and well-crafted bow, ​the is a fantastic choice. With its beautiful design and exceptional performance, this longbow ‍is sure to enhance your archery ⁣experience.

Material:Wood, horn, ⁣sinew
Draw Weight:Varies by ⁤size
Length:Approximately 60-72 inches

Investing in a is not just buying a piece of equipment – it is embracing⁣ a tradition and art form ⁢that has ⁣stood the test⁣ of time. Whether‌ you​ are shooting for sport, recreation, or competition, this longbow will impress you with its performance and durability.

So, if you are in the market‌ for a new longbow in 2024, consider the for a top-notch archery experience. Its combination of​ craftsmanship, quality materials,⁤ and‍ performance make it a standout choice for ​any archer looking to elevate their game.


  • Unique aesthetic appeal
  • Smooth and consistent shooting experience
  • Handcrafted quality


  • May not be suited ​for beginners
  • Higher price point

What to Consider When Choosing a LongBow

Price: Consider your budget when choosing a LongBow. Prices can vary greatly depending on⁤ the ‍brand,​ materials used, and craftsmanship.

Draw Weight: It is important to choose a LongBow with a⁢ draw weight that you can comfortably handle. This‍ will​ ensure that you can shoot accurately and​ consistently.

Material: LongBows can be made from various⁤ materials​ such as wood, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Each⁤ material has its own advantages ​and disadvantages, so choose⁢ one that suits your needs and preferences.

Length and Weight: The length and weight of a LongBow ⁣can greatly affect your ​shooting experience. A longer and heavier bow may ‍provide more stability and power, while a shorter and lighter bow may ​be easier to maneuver.

Accuracy and Range: Consider the accuracy and range of the LongBow you are considering. Some bows ⁢may be better suited⁤ for long-distance shooting, while others may excel at close-range accuracy.

In conclusion, when choosing a⁢ LongBow, it is important to consider factors such as price, draw weight, material, length and weight, accuracy, and range. By taking these factors into account, you can ⁢ensure that you choose the best LongBow for your needs ⁣and ‌preferences.

Conclusion: Our Recommendation

After extensive research and testing, we have​ come to​ a clear conclusion on the top 5 LongBows for 2024. We have taken into consideration factors such as performance, durability, price, and user reviews to determine our ​recommendations. Below are our top picks:

  • 1. Bear Archery Montana LongBow: This traditional longbow is handcrafted with precision and offers smooth shooting and excellent accuracy. It is ‍perfect for archers looking for a classic and reliable option.
  • 2. The SAS Pioneer 68″ Longbow: For those seeking a modern‍ twist, this longbow is lightweight, durable, and delivers powerful‍ shots. It⁢ is ideal for hunters⁤ and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • 3. The Black Hunter Takedown Longbow: With its compact design and fast shooting capabilities, this longbow is great for beginners and‍ advanced archers alike. It provides ease of​ use and consistent performance.
  • 4. The Deerseeker Archery 54″ LongBow: ​ Combining the best of both worlds, this longbow offers a hybrid design that enhances accuracy and power. It‌ is versatile and great for target shooting and hunting.
  • 5. The Hungarian Style Handmade ⁤LongBow: This innovative longbow allows for customization and adjustability to suit individual preferences. It is perfect for archers who want versatility and flexibility in their equipment.

Overall, each of these longbows has its own unique strengths and qualities that make them stand out in the market. Whether you are a beginner‍ or a seasoned archer, there is a perfect longbow for you on this ​list.‌ Consider your specific needs and preferences, and choose the longbow‌ that best fits your style of shooting. Happy archery!



What ‌is⁤ a⁤ Longbow?

A ‌longbow is⁤ a⁣ type of bow that is tall – roughly equal to the height of the user – giving it a long draw length. This design allows for greater power and accuracy ⁣compared to other types of bows.

How⁢ far⁣ can a Longbow shoot?

A skilled archer using a longbow can shoot an arrow accurately up to distances​ of 250 yards or more. The range depends on⁣ the ‍strength of ​the archer⁢ and the type of ⁣arrow used.

What materials are Longbows made of?

Traditionally, longbows were made from a single piece of yew wood, carefully crafted to maximize flexibility⁣ and strength. Modern longbows ‌may be ⁢made from other types of woods, fiberglass, or carbon fiber for ⁤added durability.

Was the Longbow used in warfare?

Yes, the longbow played a⁢ significant role in medieval warfare, particularly in England​ during the Hundred Years’ War. English archers ⁢armed with longbows demonstrated their effectiveness against heavily armored French knights.

How accurate is a Longbow?

With proper training and practice, a skilled archer can achieve remarkable accuracy with a longbow. Precision shooting requires a combination of technique, strength, and focus.

Is there a difference between a Longbow and a Recurve Bow?

While both longbows and recurve bows are types of traditional bows, they have distinct differences in design. A longbow has straight limbs that form a simple D‌ shape when strung, while a ⁤recurve bow has limbs that curve away from the archer at the ends.

What are the advantages of​ using a Longbow?

  • Power: Longbows are known for their impressive power and range.
  • Accuracy: Skilled archers can achieve high levels of accuracy with a longbow.
  • Traditional Appeal: Longbows have a rich history and are ⁤valued​ for​ their traditional craftsmanship.
  • Simplicity: Longbows are straightforward in design, making them easy to use and maintain.

Are Longbows‍ still used today?

While longbows are no longer⁢ commonly used in warfare,‍ they are still popular ‌among traditional archers, historical reenactors, and enthusiasts of traditional archery. Some modern archers also appreciate the challenge and skill required to master ⁤the ‌longbow.

Can anyone learn to shoot a ‍Longbow?

Learning to⁢ shoot a longbow requires practice, patience, and⁢ proper instruction. While anyone ⁢can learn the basics of archery, becoming proficient with a longbow takes dedication and a love for ⁤the sport.

How can I get ‌started with Longbow archery?

If you’re interested in learning archery with a ​longbow, consider joining a local archery club or seeking ⁢out a certified archery instructor. They can guide proper technique, equipment selection, and safety practices.

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