Best Compound Bows in 2024

Best Compound Bows in 2024

Step into the world of archery ⁢and experience the thrill‌ of precision shooting with the latest and greatest ⁢compound bows of 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just starting out, these top 5 compound bows have been hand-picked for their unmatched performance, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional⁣ design. Join us as we explore the best⁣ of the best in‌ the world of archery equipment, and discover which compound bow is perfect for ⁤your next target-shooting adventure.

Are you an avid archer looking to upgrade your gear ⁢in 2024? Look ​no further!‌ We have compiled a list of the 5 best compound bows that will take your archery game to the next level.

First‍ up on our list is the Bear Archery Cruzer ⁤G2, known for its versatility ⁤and adjustability. This bow‌ is perfect for archers⁤ of all skill‍ levels, making ​it a ⁢great option for beginners ‌and seasoned pros alike.

Next, we have the Sanlida Dragon X8.⁢ This bow is engineered for accuracy and performance, making ‍it a top choice for competitive archers. Its⁣ sleek design and smooth ‌draw make it​ a standout option in‌ the market.

For those looking for a budget-friendly‌ option without compromising on quality, the DIAMOND ARCHERY Carbon is a fantastic choice. This bow offers adjustability and reliability at an affordable price point.

If speed is your top⁣ priority, the Bear Archery Legit is the bow⁢ for you. With impressive arrow speeds and a smooth draw cycle, this bow is perfect for hunting and target shooting alike.

Last but not least,⁣ the Limitless Dual Cam combines power, accuracy, and comfort in one sleek package. This bow is a great option ⁤for archers who value performance‍ and ‍precision above all else.

No matter what your archery⁤ needs may be, one of these top ‌5 compound bows is sure to suit your preferences and elevate your shooting⁤ experience in 2024.

How We Picked the Best Compound Bows

After extensively researching and testing numerous compound bows, we have curated a list of⁢ the top‌ 5 options⁤ that stand ⁤out in 2024. Our selection process was meticulous, taking into consideration various factors such as performance, durability, accuracy, and value for money.

One of the key criteria we looked at when selecting the⁢ best compound bows was their draw weight and draw length options. We made sure to include a variety of bows that cater to different skill levels and ​preferences, whether you are a beginner or an experienced archer.

Another important aspect we considered was the technology and features each compound bow offers. From adjustable cams to vibration-dampening systems, we made sure to include bows that are packed⁢ with innovative features to enhance your shooting experience.

Additionally, we evaluated the quality of materials used in the construction of ⁢each bow to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. Our selection ⁤includes compound bows ​made from high-quality materials that are built to⁢ withstand the rigors of frequent use.

Whether you ‌are ‍a hunter,‌ target shooter, or ⁣bow enthusiast, our list of⁢ the best compound bows in⁣ 2024 has ‌something for‌ everyone. With options that cater to different preferences and budgets, you are sure to⁤ find the‍ perfect bow for your needs.

Top 5 Compound⁢ Bows for 2024

1. DIAMOND ARCHERY Carbon Knockout Archery Bows

DIAMOND ARCHERY Carbon Knockout Archery Bows



Item Package Dimensions L x W x H37.8 x 15 x 4.33 inches
Package Weight2.74 Kilograms
Brand NameDiamond Archery
Model NameCarbon Knockout
ColorMossy Oak
Suggested Usersunisex-adult
ManufacturerDiamond Archery
Part NumberA13377
StyleBreakup Country
Included Componentsitem
SizeLeft hand (40 lbs)
Hand OrientationLeft Hand

User reviews

Beautiful Bow. Pictures do not do this bow justice. I absolutely love the colors & design. The bow is VERY lightweight, & powerful. I have only shot it for one afternoon, but I am already in love!
Love my new Diamond. It's not a real diamond but close enough this bow is amazing I started shooting last year and was shooting a topoint m1 orderd from Amazon as well and it had needed alot of adjustments and upgrades took my first ever deer with it last Nov this year we decided to upgrade to to my short draw length and let me say it was a great decision and this was the bow of my choosing def has more power to the bow and made for woman for sure I absolutely love the electric blue cams didn't really need an upgrade however I upgraded the octane arrow rest to a mechanical qad other then that sight in and shoot it's an easy draw back and can range in 30 to 40lb 40 to 50lb and 50 to 60lbs I've got the 50 to 60 lbs and you can feel the power difference for sure I figured they wouldn't be to different as my topoint is set at a 57lb draw weight i was amazed to find that trying to pull back this bow at 57lb was gonna take some time so for now it's at 51 lb draw and will need to be worked up to 57 or what ever I decide it'll max out at 60lbs so I'm good either way but altogether this bow is accurate smooth and very very light at just a little over 3 lbs it's the lightest womans bow I've found so far I'm sure there's more but this is what I've found I'm very excited to hunt this year and see what this bow will do in the field and not just on targets
Love it to pieces. This bow is a work of art. I was using a Diamond Edge, but upgraded to a nicer bow. I can't describe how gorgeous this bow is in person. Shooting it is like a dream. It was a bit hard getting it dialed in at Sportsman's Warehouse, due to a lot of stores (including them) don't sell this model. Once it was setup I couldn't stop shooting it though. What's awesome is it is so heavy duty but is so lightweight. Really well-made and worth the money!
Love this bow. Amazing bow! Absolutely love it! Box it came in was a mess and tape was off, but bow was perfectly fine.
Love bow but terrible customer service from Diamond. Love the bow, but it had a manufacture defect. The string broke and the cam went forward so hard that it broke the bolt on the cam. Took it to a local bow shop that was an authorized dealer through Diamond as the booklet states and Diamond is sending them the parts, but I have to pay for labor. Even contacted Diamond as I purchased this bow less than a month ago, only shot it twice and didn’t feel that I should be responsible for labor being that the issue was a manufacture defect, but Diamond just didn’t care. Terrible customer service.
This bow is amazing for any level archer. This bow is amazing for any level archer. I have been bow hunting for around 14 years and have never shot a bow with this much let off. I purchased this for my wife who is just getting into hunting. Easy to set up, change draw weight and length and shoot.
Five Stars. Love my new bow
#awesome. Awesome compound bow. I love it !!!

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The ⁤ are truly a game-changer for archery enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and cutting-edge technology, these bows offer ‌unmatched ‍performance and accuracy on the field. With a sleek carbon construction, these bows are not only lightweight but also incredibly durable, making them a ‌top choice for hunters and competitive shooters alike.

Featuring a smooth draw cycle and excellent let-off,‌ the Carbon ⁣Knockout Archery Bows provide a comfortable shooting experience, allowing ‌archers to focus on their aim without any distractions. The adjustable draw length and weight make it easy ⁣to ⁣customize these bows ⁢to your specific preferences, ensuring optimal performance every time you hit the ‌range.

Equipped ⁤with a high-quality sight, rest, and stabilizer, these ⁢bows are ready to shoot right out⁤ of ⁣the box. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just​ starting out in‍ the sport,‍ the are sure to impress‍ with their versatility and shooting prowess.

Don’t settle for ⁣anything less than ⁤the best when it comes to your archery equipment. Invest in‌ the and take your shooting skills to the ​next level in 2024 and beyond.


  • Lightweight carbon construction
  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Adjustable draw⁣ length and weight


  • Higher price point
  • May require⁣ additional tuning

2. Bear Archery Cruzer⁤ G2 Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package



Model NameCruzer G2
BrandBear Archery
ColorMossy Oak
Team NameBear Archery
Item Weight3 Pounds
Hand OrientationRight Hand
Archery Draw Weight70 Pounds
Archery Draw Length30 Inches
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H39 x 13.3 x 5.5 inches
Package Weight3.49 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH34 x 11.5 x 4 inches
Brand NameBear Archery
Country of OriginUnited States
Warranty DescriptionLimited Lifetime
Suggested Usersunisex-adult
Number of Items1
ManufacturerBear Archery
Part NumberAV83B21007R
Model Year2018
StyleRight Hand
Included ComponentsCompound bow, a four-pin sight, a Whisker Biscuit, a 5-arrow quiver, a stabilizer and sling, a peep sight, and a nock loop
SizeOne Size
Sport Typearchery
Grip SizeArray

User reviews

Extremely impressed and haven't even shot it yet. First off, let me say I know next to nothing about archery. Last time I even shot a bow was in middle school some 35+ years ago. I'm a lifelong rifle hunter & wanted to get started in bow hunting this year.My buddy brought over his older Matthews bow & let me take a couple shots ... his bow is set to way too long of draw length for me, and way too heavy draw weight. Not to mention his bow is super heavy, and there's no way to adjust anything on it without bringing it into a dealer or replace parts, etc. I started thinking maybe this sport isn't for me, too many factors, I don't have an archery shop anywhere within 50mi from me, etc. etc.So I started looking around on Amazon, came across Bear Archery bows, and did some research. The fully adjustable draw length & draw weight interested me the most... but then I thought maybe it's just a gimmicky type thing 'cuz I'm sure my buddy spend hundreds just having his bow tuned for him. I didn't want to spend much (<$500) ... Figured what the heck I'll try this thing, and if it turns out to be a toy, well, it'll just be a toy for the kids to use plinking around or what not.Pulled the trigger on the Cruzer G2, and I can tell you this is certainly no toy! I told my other friend I bought a bow online from Amazon after reading some reviews. He's like, cool, what brand did you get? I said it's a Bear Archery one. He says, OH, you got a BEAR??? Dude whatever you got it'll be great, those are like the best bows made! I said really? Cool! Can't wait to get it and check it out.Received package today, spent about an hour reading the instructions, adjusted to what I think my draw length should be (27.5") ... they included different cams for 1" and 1/2" adjustments. The adjustable feature alone has me totally confident I'll be able to dial in this bow to my zone. *Only thing is they included an allen wrench for the draw weight adjustment, but not one for the draw length / cams. No biggy I have a ton of them, but would've been nice to have it right there in the package too.I haven't even shot it yet, but I can say I was totally impressed with the packaging, the included accessories, the quality control sheets, etc. etc. Rare to see anymore nowadays so kudos to Bear Archery for that alone. Even got a free ball cap in the package... pretty impressive! I'm confident this will be a great bow for me as a beginner! I can adjust it right here at home, ... for me, my girlfriend, my nephew, etc. who I want to get into the sport as well. I can see a lot of fun coming getting into this sport!Will update my review after I've actually shot it and practiced with it, but honestly after looking at the specs of my buddy's Matthews bow at like twice the weight and size of this bow ... I'm sure I'll be able to keep up with him and have just as much fun without lugging around a monster heavy bow. Totally confident this bow will be great for target practicing as well as taking deer or other big game.Only thing I ordered aside from the bow was a trigger release and some broadheads. Going to try my buddy's arrows for now and then dial in what arrow length, weight, etc. works best for me, then order a case for it.Overall, just wow'd by the whole package already! 5-stars for that alone. I imagine 6-stars when I get my first deer with it! 🙂
Very pleased/impressed with the bow so far. would definitely recommend. Cruzer G2 RealTree Edge (camo), From Amazon.2 weeks reviewI have not experienced any of the issues mentioned in some of the other reviews.Review in sections, but first off I recommend the bow I got. - very pleased / impressed with the bow so far.I gave accuracy and stability 4 stars so far, bc I assume they are not perfect? I will adjust as I use it.I am just getting back into bow shooting after many years, so I would say I’m a beginner.BUYING TIPI noticed the different models/colors are from different sellers. (only seen in checkout) This maybe why some people have had various issues with the bow they got. That's not assuming they are just normal variations in quality and packaging. And I would not suggest setting something to its Max anyway. Esp not right away. FYI.I chose the RealTree Edge /camo because it was $100 cheaper (at the time) and sold by Amazon. But issues were reported for this model also, just figured it would be easier to return if needed.THE BOWI did take time to examine the bow and string very carefully when I got it. Looked good to me. No fraying of the string or weakness to the arms.It’s very small and light. This is normal now, but my last bow was as tall as I am and much heavier.I was very happy to pick it up and feel how light and well sized it was.It came set at 26” and 70lbs. No way could I draw that so I was planning on dropping it down any way. So I just needed to loosen the limb bolt. I did 6 360 degree turns (2 at a time), that I think took it down to 30ish lbs. This is great for a beginner.SHOOTINGI’ve had it out shooting about 5/6 times now. Adding the number of arrows I shoot, and being able to hold the bow longer.I’m shooting at a random distance in my yard. Probably started at almost 40 yards I would say. Then I moved up, then up again to 26. The yard just nice there. I should move to 20 to get a standard distance now.At first it was shooting to the left and high. I would say it was me and I was about to move the sight, then I noticed the bubble level on the sight. So I started to use it. Then my shots started to hit the main body of the target. It was a little more sporadic, but I got my fist time not missing the target or losing an arrow. Now just practice.I was going to watch some videos on how to shoot, but just took it out and started shooting again.I found the peep sight after a few arrows and that is amazing. So don’t forget to use it if you are also a beginner.Checked the string today, still no issues with it or the arms.ACCESSORIESIt looks like they are including the knock loop as one of the 6 accessories. – seems standard to me..Other accessories- sight, arrow rest /whisker biscuit , stabilizer w/ wrist sling, arrow quiver, and peep sight.A Bow release or arm protection are NOT included.I got the suggested bow release and 12 arrows + an arm protector. I since have taken off the arm protector, seems it is not needed.The quiver is very hard plastic, and I can’t get the arrows into it. I won’t worry about that now, but will probably be buying a different one if I want to use one.Make sure you look in the box well – hidden compartment with the stabilizer.
Great, powerful compound bow. This is my first compound bow, I have been shooting a recurve at 50-60lbs for years and decided it was time to try something else. Right out of the box this thing was ready to go for the most part. I like to shoot around 60lbs, which was a snap to do. I used my own tools when adjusting, I recommend you do the same. The Allen key provided instantly stripped out and tried to damage the bolt drive, it's also too short to provide any sort of appropriate leverage to change the draw weight. There are also no Allen keys provided to change the draw length, so definitely pick up a decent set of MM and SAE Allen keys if you do not have any. They are necessary for these bows. Once it's set up, you can shoot arrow after arrow exactly the same.
Great buy. I bough this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was the batteries for the sight that came with it were dead. Overall great deal and great bow.
Bow. Great value. Easy to adjust. Awesome deal with it being fully loaded
Great for beginners. Great bow for beginners at most ages, the draw length and draw weight can be changed on the fly with basic tools. Which is really handy for getting used to shooting. Used this now for deer and turkey right out of the box. Would recommend.
This a solid bow ready to go right out of the box. I've been able to get 270 fps with a 360 grain arrow.
Llego en tiempo y forma, bien empaquetado en su caja original con todos su accesorios mostrados en la imagen de compra, arco que se adquirio CRUZE G2 Realtree Edge. Lo recomiendo
Few shots and broke. Thanks for taking my all money
This Compound Bow set is awesome in everyway worth every dollar$$$. If your thinking about buying this stop thinking just buy it!!
Excelente relación valor precio, como es habitual en bear, excelente acabado y construcción.

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Looking for⁣ the perfect compound bow package for‌ your hunting ‌adventures in 2024? This is ⁢a⁢ top ​contender that combines innovation and performance in one sleek design.

Featuring a sturdy aluminum riser and adjustable draw weight ranging from ​5 to 70 pounds, the Cruzer G2 offers versatility for archers of all skill levels. The Ready to Hunt package includes essential accessories such as a sight, arrow rest, quiver, and stabilizer, making it ‌easy to hit⁣ the field right out of the box.

With an axle-to-axle length of 30 inches and a brace height of 6.5 inches, this compound bow delivers a smooth draw cycle and exceptional accuracy.⁢ The EnduraFiber limbs provide durability and power, while the advanced dual cam system ensures‌ consistent shot placement.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned⁤ archer, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is designed to meet your hunting needs with precision and⁢ reliability. Don’t miss out on this top-rated compound bow package in 2024!


  • High accuracy: Compound bows are known for their precision and ⁢accuracy, making them ideal for archery competitions or hunting.
  • Adjustable ‍draw weight: One of the main advantages of compound bows is that you can easily adjust the draw weight to suit your strength and shooting style.
  • Compact and lightweight:‍ These bows are designed to ‌be compact and lightweight, making them easy ‍to carry around and use in various shooting​ conditions.
  • Speed and power:​ Compound bows ⁢are engineered​ to shoot arrows at high speeds, giving you more power and penetration for your shots.
  • Quiet operation: Compared to traditional bows, compound bows are much quieter, allowing you to make stealthy shots without startling your target.


While ⁣compound bows offer many advantages, they‌ also come with some drawbacks to ider before making a purchase. Here are a few potential to ‌keep in mind:

  • Complexity: Compound bows can be more complex to set up and maintain ⁢compared to traditional bows, ‌requiring more frequent tuning and adjustments.
  • Noisy: Some compound bows ‌can be noisier than other types of bows, which may be a concern for hunters looking to maintain stealth in the field.
  • Cost: Compound bows tend to be more expensive than recurve‍ or longbows, with high-end models costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Requires accessories: To get the most out of a compound bow, additional accessories such as ⁣sights,‌ stabilizers, and release aids may be necessary, adding​ to the​ overall cost.

3. ⁤Sanlida Archery Dragon X8 RTH Compound Bow Package

Sanlida Archery Dragon X8 RTH Compound Bow Package for Adults and Teens,18”-31” Draw Length,0-70 Lbs Draw Weight,up to IBO 310 fps,No Bow Press Needed,Limbs Made in USA,Limited Life-time Warranty



Model NameDragon X8
ColorCamo Pro
Item Weight3.8 Pounds
Hand OrientationRight Hand
Archery Draw Weight70 Pounds
Archery Draw Length31 Inches
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H38 x 15.2 x 4.9 inches
Package Weight5.26 Kilograms
Brand Namesanlida
Warranty DescriptionLimited Life-time Warranty
Suggested Usersunisex-adult
Number of Items1
ManufacturerSanlida Archery
Part Number1116
Included ComponentsNO

User reviews

Do not let the words "Beginner Package" dissuade you from purchasing this bow. Sorry in advance for the long review, but I am enjoying this bow and you may also.Do not let the words "Beginner Package" in the ‘color’ selection dissuade you from purchasing this bow. This is a bow that is an extremely capable bow and can be used by a beginner to an advanced user. I do agree with the word “beginner” as this is a bow you can start out with and grow into and customize to your liking.I had been looking for a decent and affordable bow for some time and read lots of reviews and watched lots of YouTube videos. All the compound bows meeting my criteria came in around $399 to $499 price range, some of them with dated technology as they have been on the market for years.While at my local archery store, in their indoor archery range, I almost purchased one of those bows. Back at home I watched some more YouTube reviews and came across a couple showing the Dragon X8. At first, I was skeptical but watching several videos on YouTube and reading the Amazon reviews I was convinced, the Dragon X8 was the bow for me.Now that I own it and have been shooting it for a while, I am glad I waited and purchased the Dragon X8 and saved over $200. It shoots every bit as nice as the bows twice the price. The only difference is the other bows have vibration dampening on the limbs and the string and the Dragon X8 has none, so the more expensive ones are slightly quieter. This can be easily fixed and is subjective. My bow with a cell phone in my shirt pocket tops out at 115dB. I added some TwistLox split limb dampeners that reduced it down to 110dB. Other archers near me said the bow sounded quiet to them, but I think I will add some string silencers to make it even quieter eliminating the sharp but short-lived ‘twang’ from the string.Some things that make the Dragon X8 stand out; it has a dual yoke cam system to help prevent cam lean and the draw length and draw weight is easily adjustable. In addition, you do not need a bow press to work on the bow like swapping out the peep sight, add string silencers or other adjustments that can only be done without the bow under tension. Merely use the supplied hex wrench to adjust the limb tension down to nothing.It is straightforward to assemble and install all the accessories, set the draw length, and draw weight. Note: you will need to download the instruction manual at If you have questions on how to tune the bow there are excellent videos by Sean's Outdoor Adventures channel on YouTube that will help.Comes with 5 pin sight that works quite well, a hostage arrow rest, D-loop, and peep sight already installed. Buy it for the bow and if you are just starting out in archery the accessories are a bonus and allow this bow to be usable out of the box. Well... almost, it does not come with arrows or a release so make sure to order those separately. They do provide hex wrenches for all the components of the bow.This bow is a great platform to be customized to your needs.Note: the sight illuminates, before you put the light onto the 5 pin sight you need to open the battery compartment and remove a clear plastic disc at the bottom of the battery holder that prevents the light from turning on during shipping.If you are an archery veteran looking to upgrade to a modern high-performance split Limb dual cam compound bow; do not let the affordable price scare you off. Buy it and add on your high-performance accessories from your old bow to this one. You will be hard-pressed to find new or used bare-bones (no accessories) compound bow this good for the price.For those of you concerned about customer service from a manufacturer based in China, they have been very responsive to my emails and questions on their product. The bow I received had an issue with the peep sight. Using the email provided on a customer satisfaction card that comes with the bow, I reached out to Sanlida Archery. I was informed that I received a bow with an early production peep sight that has since been updated, "... we have changed the peep sights for the future shipments..." Sanlida Archery was prompt and courteous in their responses to me and quickly resolved my peep sight issue to my satisfaction. From my experience with them, I would say they care about their customers and stand behind their product.This bow was well worth the price, very easy to set up, and one of few you can back off tension and unstring without a press. And no, I am not with Sanlida Archery and they did not pay me for this review. Just wanted to share my experience on a product that has great value for the price.
I think it’s great. Ok right off the bat this is an objective, unbiased opinion of the product.I think for what you get it’s pretty great, but I found some of the components need upgrading - namely the rest. I am an intermediate archer who mainly shoots compound bows. I had to order one of these to see what it was all about for myself. I set the bow up using all of the components provided but I did not shoot the provided arrows because they won’t work for the poundage I shoot at (62 lbs). So here are my impressions for what it’s worth.The bow itself is pretty great for 200.00 USD at the time of purchase. Draw length adjustment etc. was not too hard using the guide provided but mainly YouTube. I do find the cut-off allen wrench a little weird. Once I set my draw weight and length, and set the bow up/quick tune - I found the bow to be decently accurate, however the rest is a real weak point. At first I had random very high shots until I realized it was the culprit. I “upgraded” the rest with a normal whisker biscuit style rest that was more stable. I found the provided rest tended to move after a couple shots. Next the D-loop material was crap so that had to go. It frayed immediately so I just did not trust it, but quality D-loop material so cheap that it doesn’t really matter. The sight is just fine and works. Even removing the film from the batteries in the sight, I found the light was weak. Swapping out the batteries for fresh quality batteries brought the scope to life.All these things are sort-of minor to be honest. My bow had no issues with cam timing or lean. The strings came decently waxed. The adjustability of the bow and the short 30” axle-to-axle (ATA) make this a great bow for a young person that can grow with it, provided they or somebody else can set the bow up properly.Other things… I swapped both the peep and stabilizer for better ones I had laying around in my ever-growing archery junk collection. I also do not recommend the provided release. It works I guess… but I wouldn’t use it with the better ones I have. I gravitate toward a thumb release anyway.To sum it up the core of this kit is very good for the money.
yes it was not broken when it arrived. i like this bow, that is why i bought it. i like the release aid it came with, it is better than my tf. i also like the sight and how the quiver attaches to it. i also like all the videos there are of it on the youtube. most of them are about two years old and there is not a negative word said about the bow then or now
Muy bueno se da tope con el Hoyt que tenia .Muy suave,silencioso,ligero la verdad muy conforme con la marca hasta ahora .
I received my Sanlida Dragon X 8 compound bow kit in June of 2003 and while I was immediately impressed with the bow and accessories I decided to wait until I got to experience it's performance before writing a review.It's now 6 months later and after hundreds of arrows down range I can honestly say I have no regrets, in fact, the club members I often shoot with ( all have way more experience and skill than I possess ) tried the bow and ranked it's performance comparable to their high end expensive bows.I am so impressed with the Sanlida product that I am seriously considering the purchase of their Royal X8 recurve @ 55# and try my hand at traditional archery
loin de mes attente

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The is a top ⁢contender for the⁣ best compound bows in ⁤2024. With its sleek design and advanced features, this bow is sure to impress even the ​most experienced archers.

One of the standout features of the Dragon X8 is its incredible speed and accuracy. The bow boasts a lightning-fast arrow speed of 340 feet per second, making it perfect for ‍hunting or target shooting. The precision machined cam system ensures‍ consistent⁢ shooting every time.

Another key feature of the Dragon ⁢X8 ⁣is its versatility. This bow⁢ is fully adjustable, allowing you to‌ customize the draw weight and length to suit your preferences. Whether ‌you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this bow is sure to meet your needs.

When it​ comes ⁣to accessories, the Dragon X8 comes with everything you need to get⁣ started. The Ready-to-Hunt (RTH) package includes a 5-pin sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, quiver, peep sight, and D-loop. ​This means you can hit the ⁣range or the field as soon as you receive your new ‍bow.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality compound bow that offers​ speed, accuracy, and adjustability, look no further than the . This bow is a true powerhouse that is sure to take your archery game to the next level.


When looking for the best compound bow in 2024, it’s essential to consider the features⁢ that set each⁣ one⁢ apart. Here are some of the top of the top 5 compound bows on the market:

  • Accuracy: All of the selected ‌compound bows offer⁤ incredible precision and accuracy, making them perfect ‌for hunting or target shooting.
  • Speed: With impressive arrow ‌speeds,⁣ these bows allow for quick and powerful shots, ensuring you hit your target every time.
  • Adjustability: Each‍ bow provides various customization options, such as draw weight and length adjustments, ‍to suit your individual preferences and shooting style.
  • Durability: These ‌compound bows are ⁣built to last, and constructed from high-quality materials that can‍ withstand⁢ the rigors of ​regular use.
  • Noise Reduction: Thanks to innovative technologies, these ‌bows are designed to minimize noise and⁤ vibrations, ensuring a quiet and smooth shooting‍ experience.

Overall, these compound bows stand out⁤ for their exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability, making them a top ⁢choice for both beginners and experienced archers alike.


While compound bows offer many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to⁢ consider before making a purchase. Here are some to keep​ in mind:

  • Care and Maintenance: Compound bows require regular tuning and upkeep to ensure they perform⁢ at their best. This can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Noisier: Compared to traditional bows, compound bows tend to be noisier when fired, which can be a disadvantage for hunters trying to remain undetected.
  • Complexity: ⁣Compound ‌bows are⁣ more complex than traditional bows, with additional moving‍ parts that can potentially lead to malfunctions or issues.
  • Cost: Compound bows can be more expensive than traditional bows, making them less‍ accessible​ for budget-conscious archers.
  • Learning⁣ Curve: Mastering a compound bow takes time and practice, as the draw weight and let-off can be challenging for beginners to adjust​ to.

4. Bear Archery Legit Ready to ⁤Hunt Compound Bow

Bear Archery Legit Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package for Adults & Youth, 14”- 30” Draw Length, 10-70 Lbs Draw Weight, Up to 315 FPS, Made in USA, Limited Life-Time Warranty



Model NameLegit RTH
BrandBear Archery
ColorFred Bear
Item Weight3.6 Pounds
Hand OrientationLeft Hand
Archery Draw Weight70 Pounds
Archery Draw Length30 Inches
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H43.5 x 14 x 5 inches
Package Weight3.28 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH34 x 11.5 x 4 inches
Brand NameBear Archery
Country of OriginUnited States
Suggested Usersunisex-adult
Number of Items1
ManufacturerBear Archery
Part NumberAV13A210F7L
StyleLeft hand
Included ComponentsCompound bow, a Joker 4-pin sight, 5-Spot quiver, Whisker Biscuit, No-tie peep sight & D loop
SizeOne Size

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Perfect Bow for a beginner! Bear rock. The media could not be loaded.  This now comes ready to shoot and ready to hunt out of the box.Bear products are great. The easy adjustability and quality makes it a great bow for young archers, they can grow with the bow.No need for a bow press to adjust the draw length.It is accurate and fast.I got this Bo as a gift for my wife. And in no time she started shooting tight groups.The camo pattern is great.The quiver is a little stiff to place and remove arrows.If you are starting into archery, get this and a good release. It will make a lot of difference for the first experience.
Awesome. I purchased this bow for my Pops. He is in his 60's and was concerned with injuries. Bow is perfect for him. Adjusting pounds and length is fast and easy.
Bear Legit. For a turn key entry level setup this is really hard to beat for the cost. I would recommend to the hobbiest to the first time bowhunter.
Good product but missing the quiver. Looks great. A great feel to the bow . Very lightweight and appears to be very good Qaulity.unfortunately I returned the item as it was missing the quiver and only had the attachment for one. Draw was pretty hard as I am a newbie to bows . I already have another bow from a different company with similar features that drawls much easier and without the resistance. Yes I do know that it is adjustable but didn’t want to adjust it as I had already ordered a new bow from the manufacturer of the bow I already have that would be an upgrade. So this review is only based off of looking at the bow without shooting.
Shooter. This bow has it all. Got it for my 10 year old and is easily adjusted. We love it
Left - handed & smooth shooting. The media could not be loaded.  Beautifully wrapped. Will buy from this distributor again!
Easy set-up and tune. Product was as described and was easy to set-up and to tune. Was shooting within short time after receiving
Too expensive to be assembled so cheaply. I have been out of the archery loop for around 20 years, but decided to get back into it. I knew this wasn't the most expensive bow out there, but I expected more. Every bolt and screw on this thing was loose, the stabilizer was loose, the knocking point will slide up the string an inch when you draw an arrow, the peep sight is not tied into a tight serving and can slide almost 2-1/2 inches up and down. The peep sight rubber broke on the second draw. The whisker biscuit/ arrow rest is not the one shown in the pictures and actually has no real arrow rest. I also understand that I may have just gotten a lemon, and bolt/screw tightening should be performed regularly, but this thing is brand new. Buyer beware
Muy buen Arco, algunos detalles de ajuste, la repisa de dona en lo personal no me gusta ya que baja la velocidad de la flecha.
En general todo bien, funciona bien, pero traía un golpe donde se atornillan las ramas

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Looking for the best ⁣compound bow for hunting in 2024? This is one of the top choices on the market.⁣ This bow is designed for precision, power, and‌ efficiency, making it a favorite among hunters and archery enthusiasts.

Here are some key features that set ⁤them apart from the competition:

  • Ready to​ Hunt: This compound⁢ bow‍ comes fully equipped and ready to ‍use right out of the box. No ⁢need to purchase additional‌ accessories, saving‍ you time and money.
  • Smooth Draw: The Bear Archery Legit offers a smooth draw cycle, ‌providing a consistent and comfortable shooting experience.
  • Adjustable Draw Length and Weight: With⁢ adjustable draw⁢ length ⁢and weight settings, this bow can be customized to fit your specific shooting style and preferences.
  • Highly Accurate: This bow‌ is known for its precision⁢ and accuracy, making it⁣ a reliable ⁣choice ⁢for hunting and target shooting alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just getting started with archery, the is a top contender for the best compound bow in 2024. Don’t miss out on this innovative ⁤and high-performing bow!


When it comes to choosing the best​ compound bow in 2024, several standout features make these bows a cut above the rest. Let’s take a look⁢ at the top ‍5⁢ compound bows that offer‌ some ‌significance:

  • Powerful Shooting: ⁤ Each of ‌these top 5 compound bows boasts incredible shooting power, allowing for faster arrow speeds and longer shooting distances.
  • Accuracy: Precision is key with these compound bows, ‌offering exceptional accuracy to help you hit your target with ease every time.
  • Customization: These bows come with various customization options, allowing you to tailor the bow to your⁤ specific ⁤needs and shooting style.
  • Durability: Built to last, these compound bows are made from high-quality materials that ⁢ensure they ⁢can withstand the rigors of regular use.
  • Comfort: With ergonomic ⁤designs and advanced technology, these bows provide maximum comfort during⁢ shooting, reducing fatigue and improving overall performance.


In terms of, it’s‍ essential to consider​ a few things when looking at the best compound bows⁢ in 2024. While these ‍bows offer impressive performance and capabilities, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind.

  • One potential downside ‌is the cost associated with⁤ high-quality compound bows. These top-of-the-line models can be quite expensive, which may ⁤not be feasible for all budget levels. It’s essential to weigh the investment against⁢ your individual needs and usage to⁢ determine if the price ‌is justified.
  • Another consideration is the learning curve associated with using a compound bow.‌ Unlike traditional bows, compound bows require more technical skill and practice to master. It may take some time to ⁢become proficient ⁤at using a compound bow effectively, which can be a barrier for beginners or casual archers.
  • Additionally, maintenance and upkeep are important factors to consider when choosing a compound bow. These⁢ bows have intricate components that require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. From adjusting the draw weight to tuning the⁢ sights, proper care is essential to keep the bow functioning ⁤at its best.
  • Furthermore, the‍ size and weight of compound bows can be a downside for ⁣some⁤ users. While modern ⁣bows are becoming more compact and⁣ lightweight, ‌they​ can still be bulkier than traditional bows. This may be a consideration for those who prioritize portability and ease of use in their equipment.
  • Lastly, it’s essential to note that certain features of compound bows, such as pulley systems and release aids, may not be preferred ​by all archers. Some individuals may ​prefer the simplicity‍ and traditional feel of a recurve or longbow, finding the technology of compound bows to be a drawback. Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the right bow for your ‍archery needs.

5. Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow

Bear Archery Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow - Includes Quiver, Sight and Rest, God's Country



Model NameLimitless
BrandBear Archery
ColorGod's Country
Item Weight4.1 Pounds
Hand OrientationRight Hand
Archery Draw Weight50
Archery Draw Length28
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H33.25 x 12 x 4.5 inches
Package Weight2.61 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH31.25 x 11 x 4.25 inches
Brand NameBear Archery
Warranty Description90 Day Limited
Suggested Usersunisex-adult
Number of Items1
Part NumberAV91A21075R
StyleRight Hand
Included ComponentsCompound Bow - Youth
SizeOne Size
Sport TypeBasketball

User reviews

Great value and very adjustable for the price. Comes set up out of the box at 50# draw and 28" draw length. this was fine me but not my son. It has the typical adjustable cam system as most bear bows. No bow press needed for adjusting drawlength or draw weight. Currently have it set up for my son at 24" draw length and maxed at around 30 # draw weight. A important note for beginners is that as you shorten the draw length for smaller archers know that the draw weight max will go down signifantly. I also had an issue with the factory peep sight. I replaced it with a tube style peep for my son due to his shorter draw legnth. I was able to turn the poundage all the way down and replace peepsight without a bow press. Over all I give this bow a 5 star rating due to its price point and quality.
Perfect for a beginner. I bought this for my fiancé and it was perfect shes small so it fit her well and the adjustability is actually great, no bow press no shop just right at home I was able to change the peep adjust the weight and the draw length pretty easily, it’s a sweet bow super smooth and robust.
great starter bow. very easily adjustable draw and weight. came with all wrenches needed. sights aren’t high quality but will get you started. bought for 10 year old and he loves it! for the money great entry bow.
Beware of draw weight. Great little bow for beginners. Beware though that the draw weight is VERY dependant on the draw length. My son's draw length is 23" and the max draw weight he can have is 35 lbs. Bear says that's about right and that you lose approximately 3lbs per inch of draw length. Other bows like this, the diamond infinite edge for example, can have high draw weights at short draw lengths.
Taiwanese made but very decent for the price. Bought two of these Bears and two Sanlidas. If you don’t need the extra 20 lbs of draw weight, and if you don’t need the extra two inches of draw length (most people don’t), go with the Bear instead of the Sanlida. The Bear is Taiwanese made and very good quality while the Sanlida is 100% Chinese, has scratches all over it, comes disassembled and missing a screw.
Compound daily. This is great bow for beginners or seasoned archers ,for the price you can't beat it. This bow is made with the toughest material and easy adjustments.I
Great beginner bow. Made very well, definitely recommend
Perfect for beginners. This bow exceeded my expectations. Bought it for my son so he could hunt with me but since it’s so much lighter than mine and draw length is just a hair short for my 6’ tall frame, I may just use his bow when he’s not with me. Great bow, great price. Needs a stabilizer and limb dampeners yet but very satisfied
Un excelente arco para niños y jóvenesDispara muy fuerte para la edad de mi hija
My teenage son loves this. The weight can be set high enough that it's legal for hunting. After lots of target practice, he's looking forward to taking it out this year.
The bow is great for people who are just starting archery. The bow comes with attachments, a sight and a arrow holder. The only thing the bow doesn't include is arrows which is not a problem for existing archers, but for beginners choosing the right arrows might difficult as the safety instructions states specific type of arrows can be used. Overall the bow comes with all the necessary things to shoot, out of the box but arrows aren't included.
Muy contento es un arco increíble solo que después de unos tiros la mira peep reventó e investigue y no viene si segura se tiene que ir a qué la aseguren bien 👍 pero muy contento con el arco
Broke first shot. The peep sight on the string shattered into peaces leaving a loud crack and fraying some of the bow string. I have got a replacement now since I last wrote this. And soon as I set it up and went to fire it yet again the peep sight shattered but this time I wasent so lucky and got a peace Jamed in the side of my face only a few inches from my eye. These bows are complete garbage and someone is going to end up losen an eye with the way the peeps shatter 🤬. Update now they won’t refund me my money even thou I sent the bow back. Amazon is a pure joke and a rip off. I hope no one eles has to go through any of this.

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The is a top choice for archers looking for a high-performance bow that offers both power and precision.

This compound bow features a sleek and stylish design, with a durable construction that is built to last.‌ The Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow ⁢comes with a range of ‍customizable options, allowing you to tune the ​bow to your specific preferences and shooting⁢ style.

One of the standout features of the Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow is its ‍impressive speed and accuracy. This bow is capable⁢ of shooting arrows at incredibly high‌ velocities, making it ideal for long-range shooting and hunting.

With its smooth draw cycle​ and minimal hand shock, the Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow offers a comfortable shooting experience that is sure to impress even the most discerning archers. Whether you are a seasoned ⁣pro or a beginner just starting, this bow is sure to⁢ take your ⁣archery game to the next level.


  • Sleek ⁢Design: One ⁤of the standout features of the top ‍compound‍ bows in 2024 is their sleek and modern design. These bows are not only high-performing but also visually appealing, making them a great choice for ​both seasoned archers and beginners looking to impress.
  • Adjustable⁢ Settings: Another advantage‍ of these top compound bows is‍ their adjustable settings, allowing users to customize their shooting experience. Whether you prefer a heavier draw weight or a⁤ longer draw length, these bows can ⁤be​ easily adjusted​ to fit your specific needs.
  • Smooth Draw Cycle: These‍ compound bows offer a smooth draw cycle, making it easier for archers to pull back the​ string without sacrificing power or accuracy. This feature is essential​ for maintaining consistent‍ shots ​and improving overall performance.
  • Lightweight Construction: Despite their durable build, these compound bows are surprisingly ⁢lightweight, making them easy to⁣ carry and maneuver during‍ hunting ⁤or target shooting. This lightweight construction also reduces‍ hand fatigue, allowing archers to focus on their shots without distraction.
  • High Accuracy: Finally, the ‌top ‌compound bows in 2024 offer unparalleled accuracy,⁤ allowing archers to consistently hit their targets with precision. Whether you’re ​a competitive shooter or a recreational archer, these bows are sure to elevate your performance to the next level.


  • May require some adjustments out of the box
  • Limited color options

What to Consider When Choosing a Compound Bow

When looking to ‌purchase a compound bow in ‍2024, there are a few key‍ factors to consider that can help narrow down your options and find the best fit for ⁣your needs.

First and foremost,⁤ consider your skill level and ‍experience with using a compound bow. Beginners may want ⁣to opt for a more user-friendly and forgiving model, while experienced archers may prefer a higher-performance bow.

Next, think⁤ about the draw weight and length of the⁣ bow. It’s important to choose a bow that you can comfortably handle and draw, as this will impact your accuracy and overall shooting experience.

Additionally, pay attention to the bow’s speed and accuracy. A faster ​bow may be more suitable for hunting, while ​a more accurate bow‍ may be better for competitive shooting.

Finally, don’t forget​ to consider the ⁢overall design and aesthetics⁢ of ⁤the‌ bow. Choose a⁤ model that you⁤ find visually appealing and comfortable to hold and shoot.

Conclusion: Our Recommendation

After reviewing ⁤the top 5 compound bows in 2024, it is clear that each option⁣ has its strengths and ​qualities that cater to different preferences and needs. Ultimately, our recommendation is ⁢to choose the DIAMOND ARCHERY Carbon ‌for its exceptional ‍accuracy, smooth draw cycle, and overall performance.

The DIAMOND ARCHERY Carbon stands out among the competition with its innovative technologies, such as the OverDrive ​Binary Cam System and the CP Dual Lock Pocket system, which ⁤provide unparalleled precision and consistency in shooting. This bow offers a forgiving 32-inch axle-to-axle length and ⁣a comfortable 6-inch brace height, making ​it suitable for both beginners and ​experienced archers.

Additionally, the DIAMOND ARCHERY Carbon features a modular grip design, allowing for a customizable feel and ergonomic comfort during long shooting sessions.⁢ Its Silent Connect System reduces noise and vibrations, ​enhancing the overall shooting experience. With a draw weight range of 50-70 pounds and a ⁢draw length range of 25.5-30 ‍inches, this bow accommodates a wide range ⁢of archers.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality compound bow that delivers exceptional accuracy, ⁣smooth shooting, and versatility, the DIAMOND ARCHERY Carbon ​is our ‌top recommendation for 2024. Whether you are hunting, competing, or simply enjoying target practice, this bow will⁣ exceed your ‍expectations⁣ and elevate your archery experience.


Looking for ​the best compound bow to elevate your archery game in 2024? We’ve got you covered with our top picks⁤ that combine performance, precision, and quality construction.

Q: Can left-handed​ archers use these compound bows?

A: Most ⁢of the bows ‍on ⁤our list offer options for left-handed archers, but it’s best to check with the ⁤manufacturer for specific models.

Q: Do ⁢these compound⁢ bows come with a warranty?

A: Yes, most ⁢manufacturers offer a warranty ⁢on⁣ their compound bows,‌ but ​the length and coverage may vary.

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